A first for Ireland.

Scoliosis is an extremely debilitating and deforming condition that most commonly develops during adolescence. At this most vulnerable time of life, the condition has significant physical and mental impact for patients. Corrective surgery can be life-changing for the patient and, while often extremely successful, is not without risk, resulting in devastating complications. This new Spinal Surgery Navigation Software will allow surgeons at Cappagh to undertake complex spinal surgeries safely and with dramatically reduced risk, providing increasingly better outcomes for patients in reducing curvature of the spine and restoring patient height.

The development of this service in Cappagh is a first for Ireland and will benefit many adolescents with this ailment. By facilitating safe, accurate and effective surgical correction of deformity, the trauma and physical morbidity of this process will be avoided.

This development will also play a vital role in tackling existing waiting lists for spinal surgery.

This life-changing equipment was installed at Cappagh in late 2016 and the first surgical procedure took place in early 2017. Thanks to the success of our 2016 fundraising campaign, the Foundation has already provided almost 50% of the €500,000 funding required and has ambitious plans to complete this commitment in 2017.

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