Cappagh Hospital has a very long tradition of delivering rehabilitation to our patients. In fact Cappagh was the first Hospital in Ireland to develop an Occupational Therapy service for its patients and the Physiotherapy department has a combined working experience of over 150 years. In 2012 Cappagh commenced a unit specialising in active rehabilitation. This 50 bed unit specialises in assessing and actively rehabilitating patients from other acute Hospitals to ensure they are fit for discharge to home rather than long term care. Each patient participates in very intensive personalised rehabilitation plans, conducted by Medical, Rehabilitative Nursing , Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Work, Dietician and Speech and Language practitioners.



Planned Development
The development of this Active Rehabilitation Unit is critical to enable patients to maintain a productive and independent life after an acute medical episode.  The unit requires physical development to provide additional rehabilitation spaces so that patients can participate in more advanced models of rehabilitation, giving every patient a better chance of being discharged to home rather than long term care. In addition the provision of a central dining room and recreational area will greatly enhance the social interaction and personal confidence of patients prior to discharge.

Finally the unit requires all bathroom facilities to be upgraded to provide our patients the best possible services that can be made available to them.

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