Former Government Minister Mary O’Rourke and Hotelier Francis Brennan are patrons of Cappagh Hospital Foundation (CHF) with the aim of supporting its fundraising efforts.


Mary O’Rourke and Francis Brennan will support fundraising efforts to improve infrastructural improvements and facilities at the hospital enhancing its reputation as an elective-only public orthopaedic hospital and highlighting standards and successful patient outcomes.

A number of initiatives will be launched to raise funds specifically for hospital infrastructural improvements, including the development a new 10-bay recovery suite for patients immediately after surgery and the expansion of the high dependency unit facility.

“I have seen first-hand how important funding is and what it can provide for orthopaedic patients. For example, the hospital’s new 3T MRI scanner, the first of its kind in Ireland, is hugely valuable in the identification and staging of bone tumours, skeletal metastatic disease and in the identification of unknown primary tumours. But we need the funds to pay for this and for other life-saving equipment and those funds come directly from the public. I’m looking forward to helping Cappagh Hospital Foundation achieve its fundraising targets and in sharing in its vision and mission of improving the lives, health and well-being of all its patients.”

(Francis Brennan)

“Cappagh has a wonderfully historic name and there are very few people in Ireland who do not know of it and who don’t appreciate the work it has done and continues to do. It is impossible to remain unmoved by patient stories of lives transformed by the Hospital; or to ignore what might be possible if its dedicated professionals were provided with the necessary additional funding and the right facilities and equipment to continue with their life-changing work. It is a great honour to be embarking on this journey as Patron for Cappagh Hospital Foundation. I look forward to our future partnership, and to sharing the wonderful story of Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital in the hope that it will encourage more people to consider Cappagh Hospital Foundation as their preferred charity.”

(Mary O’Rourke)