The Great Cappagh Raffle 2017


This year’s annual Cappagh patients and friends Spring Raffle will take place on April 6th, 2017.  The tickets are €2 each or 12 tickets for the bargain price of €20! We have some fantastic prizes for our main draw. First prize is €1,000, second prize is €500 and third prize is €250. There is also a lucky 13th ticket in each book, which is the free seller ticket. As a thank you for your support, we will enter all the Sellers Tickets into a draw for a prize of €100.

Closing date for return of tickets is April 4th. The winners will be notified and the results will be here on our website following the draw on April 6th.

If you would like to support this please call (01) 8340325 or email for more details.

Our Spring Raffle is a vital fundraiser for Cappagh hospital and since its beginning, has provided critical funding for many new and innovative developments at Cappagh.  These developments have greatly enhanced the services which we provide to our patients, ensuring that the hospital, as the national centre for orthopaedics in Ireland, remains at the forefront in pioneering orthopaedic treatment and aftercare.

In 2016, to further cement Cappagh’s renowned reputation as a leader in innovative orthopaedic surgery and to ensure that state-of-the-art facilities are available for all its patients, the Foundation gave a significant undertaking to raise the €500,000 cost of purchasing Navigation Assisted Software for Spinal Surgery.

Scoliosis is an extremely debilitating and deforming condition that most commonly develops during adolescence.  At this most vulnerable time of life, the condition has significant physical and mental impact for patients.  Corrective surgery can be life-changing for the patient and, while often extremely successful, is not without risk, resulting in devastating complications.  The development of this service in Cappagh is a first for Ireland and will benefit many adolescents suffering from Scoliosis.  It will allow surgeons at Cappagh to undertake complex spinal surgeries safely and with dramatically reduced risk, providing increasingly better outcomes for patients in reducing curvature of the spine and restoring patient height.  By facilitating safe, accurate and effective surgical correction of deformity, the trauma and physical morbidity of this process will be avoided.

This life-changing equipment was installed at Cappagh in late 2016 and the first surgical procedure took place in early 2017. Thanks to the success of our 2016 fundraising campaign, the Foundation has already provided almost 50% of the €500,000 funding required and has ambitious plans to complete this commitment in 2017.


“Not long ago I struggled to breathe or exercise as my ribs were crushing my lungs. Following corrective Scoliosis surgery in Cappagh Hospital my life has changed.  I can do anything now!”

Ciara Brewer (aged 16 years, Scoliosis patient)


We pride ourselves on being a small but successful charity – we receive no government funding. Funds raised since our establishment in 1988 have done so much good. For example, we have been able to purchase a new 3T MRI Scanner, build an Isolation Unit, modernise the X-Ray Department, extend the Out Patients/Pre Assessment Unit and purchase a dedicated Orthopaedic CT Scanner. But this is just a snapshot of what our supporters have helped achieve.

Thank You.



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