Sponsored bag-pack

Contact your local supermarket and ask if you can have a designated day to pack bags in aid of Cappagh Hospital. Many supermarkets will allow you to offer this service to their customers who in turn may be willing to make a small contribution to your appeal for having their groceries packed. Get your family and friends, local groups and youth club to come along and lend their support! Tee shirts and collection buckets will be supplied for all collectors.

Cake sale/Coffee morning

This can be a large or small event, depending on what facilities are available to you. You can have a quiet affair with friends and neighbours in your home or you can look at approaching your local school with a view to using their community hall. The advantage of this is that you have a much wider market to sell to, thus increasing your profits. Local bakers and confectioners may also be willing to donate bread and cakes to your sale.

Bring and Buy Sale

Organise a collection of unwanted clothes, books, toys, cosmetics and other bric-a-brac in your area and then find a suitable location to host a ‘Bring and Buy’ sale. A local community or school hall would be an ideal venue as it should come equipped with tables to display your goods. Advertise your event in your local paper and by placing posters in shops, pubs and businesses in the area.

Charity Shave-a-thon

Possibly only for the bravest of the brave, this event is a fun way to raise funds! Get together some of your male- or female- colleagues and issue them with sponsorship cards. They in turn collect sponsorship from their families, friends and workmates. Your local pub would be an ideal location for participants to lose their locks, helped no doubt by the fact that an abundance of dutch courage is close at hand! You will also find that there are plenty of barbers who will give their services free to perform the dastardly deed!

Pub Table Quiz

Most publicans will allow you to run a charity table quiz on their premises and indeed will welcome the extra business that this event brings. By charging a small fee per table, you can raise a substantial amount of sponsorship. Approach local businesses for spot prizes and get some friends to help you prepare suitable questions for the event. Your publican may also be willing to allow you to pre-advertise the event by placing posters on the premises, increasing your chances of a large turn-out.

Sponsored Walk/Jog/Swim

Why not organise a group of people to undertake a sponsored walk, jog or swim. Again, each participant can be issued with a sponsorship card to help raise funds and your local paper and radio station may be willing to advertise the event to raise awareness of your fundraising drive. Group events such as these are not only terrific fun but an extremely healthy way to help Cappagh Hospital!


People can bring their own food to be barbequed or you can supply the goods. You can also use some entertainment.

Bridge Night

You need a venue with small square tables, where you can charge admission. Prizes can be provided for the winners.


The venue needs to match the event. You can build the event around a celebrity/public person.