Cappagh Hospital Foundation, formerly Cappagh Hospital Trust, was established in 1988, with the purpose of raising funds for Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital. The Foundation is a registered charity and received Charitable Status (Chy No 9282) in October 1988.


Situated in the grounds of Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital, the Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees under the Interim Chairmanship of Mr Shay Keany and comprises a staff of 3 who are involved in the day to day management of the Foundation’s fundraising appeal.

Over the years through kind donations from people like you, the Foundation has raised funds for many improvements and advancements for patient care in the hospital. These improvements to the patient’s hospital experience include new state of the art theatres, 3T MRI Scanner, new patient orientated bathrooms, hospital ambulance, 10 bed isolation unit and may other essentials to make their stay more comfortable and conducive to a speedier recovery.

The support we receive from our ex-patients, friends and supporters makes an enormous contribution to the care and treatment of patients here in Cappagh Hospital. We would be delighted if you could lend your support to our appeal; thank you again for your consideration! Funds raised through Cappagh Hospital Foundation in 2017 will go towards the purchase of Navigation Assisted Systems and Software for scoliosis corrective surgery. This new software will allow surgeons at Cappagh to undertake complex spinal surgeries safely and with dramatically reduced risk, providing increasingly better outcomes for patients in reducing curvature of the spine and restoring patient height. The development of this service in Cappagh is a first for Ireland and will benefit many adolescents with this ailment. At a cost of €500K this development will also play a vital role in tackling existing waiting lists for spinal surgery.

Once again, thank you for your consideration; your support will make a significant difference to patients with very serious orthopaedic problems in Cappagh Hospital.

Together we can make a difference! 

The Cappagh Champions